Orange Super Crush 100w Head

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Mechanism: With its single-ended, 2-channel JFET preamp design and 100 Watt Class A/B power amp, the Super Crush 100 mimics the huge, rich and responsive tone of our flagship Rockerverb amps in solid state

High Versatility: Two completely independent, all-analog preamp channels give you instant access to a whole spectrum of warm, valve-like tones. From high-headroom clean to high-gain metal, every sound you could ever need is dialed in with ease, thanks to a versatile circuit and intuitively simple control layout

100W of Solid State Mojo: The Super Crush 100 uses the tried and tested 100W class A/B power amp from our Pedal Baby 100 to deliver all the dynamics, presence and feel of a big valve amp. Filling big stages is not a problem thanks to massive headroom, fantastic articulation and relentless punch

Features: The Super Crush 100 features a balanced XLR output with our CabSim speaker emulation technology. Mimicking the sound of a 2 x 12 cab, this no-nonsense, all-analog filter gives you instant access to a great D.I. guitar tone, straight into the P.A. or recording interface

Built-In Reverb and Fully-Buffered FX Loop: An on-board digital reverb module provides a lush, spring reverb ambience, adding a deep and shimmering finishing touch to your sound

Orange Super Crush 100w Head

Orange Super Crush 100w Head

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Orange Super Crush 100w Head Review

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